Our Process

Our Process

It is as simple as four easy steps to receive the right financial advice

The process you will work through with Goldline Financial Planning is straightforward and easy because the team does it all for you!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Discuss your financial situation and goals

This is a cost and obligation free meeting which enables Goldline Financial Planning to assess the areas of financial planning which may be of use to you. Mostly you talk and we listen.

Step 2: Prepare your financial plan

Based on your earlier discussion, Goldline Financial Planning will prepare a tailored financial strategy for you. This will be provided in easy-to-read language. You will meet with your Goldline consultant who will walk you through their recommendations step by step. You’re encouraged to ask as may questions as you need to ensure you understand and are comfortable with all the recommendations.

Step 3: Implement your financial plan

After the team has fine-tuned their recommendations following your earlier discussion, your new financial strategy will be put in place. This can be a complex task and requires care and expertise to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of your plan. The highly trained administrative team takes care of all the paperwork in a timely and efficient manner.

Step 4: Regular review and follow up

You are an important client to Goldline Financial Planning and they will ensure that you are constantly kept up to date on your financial strategy as well as key industry news. While steps 1-3 are important, ongoing review and fine tuning your plan is crucial to achieving your desired outcome.