Gold Package

Gold Package

Our Gold Package includes:


  • Annual Subscription to “Class”
  • Payment of fund expenses & invoices
  • Confirmation/substantiation of all debits and credits
  • Ad-hoc & additional withdrawals or pension payments
  • Management of fund cash flow requirements & liquidity
  • Maintenance & amendments of fund legal and compliance records including:
    • annual &/or ad-hoc minutes & declarations
    • existing documented Investment Strategy
  • Alerts relating to changes in SIS Legislation & compliance
  • Facilitate completion of fund Annual Return to point of lodgement including:
    • supply of all documentation to Accountant & Auditor
    • attend to any/all queries from external professional advisers
    • quarterly review of ATO instalment amounts
    • review of fund Annual Return prior to lodgement


  • Maintenance & management of existing strategies including:
    • pension minimum & maximums
    • tax
    • contributions
    • estate planning
  • Monitor current situation to ensure it is compatible with existing strategy
  • Evaluation of legislative changes compared to current situation


  • Regular maintenance of existing share portfolio
  • Evaluation of investment portfolio income in relation to fund expenses including pensions
  • Evaluation of share buy-backs & capital raisings
  • Asset allocations and sector weightings
  • Cash account maintenance and interest rate research


  • 1 x Annual Review Meeting per year consisting of:
    • Comprehensive Annual Review Report
    • Fact Finding session and personal information update
    • Review of financial circumstances
  • Telephone assistance with the staff person who has the expertise to facilitate your enquiry
  • Meetings by appointment relative to existing arrangements


  • Fund Administration
  • Strategy
  • Investment Portfolio