Welcome to Goldline Financial Planning

Retirement should not be a time in your life which you fear or dread because you don’t have the money to do all the things you dreamt about. When you have worked hard for so many years, there should be rewards waiting for you – including financial security.

Goldline Financial Planning have been providing quality and practical financial advice to people just like you. Financial planners like Leanne don’t just give advice; they spend time with you to first understand your individual needs and goals, and to then create the financial strategy which offers you the freedom to relax.

From the moment you contact the Goldline office, the aim is to make you feel welcome and relaxed. The small dedicated team of professionals supports Leanne in every aspect of the business. From greeting you on arrival, through to walking you through your individual financial strategy, every aspect of the service you will receive at Goldline is how you would expect it – friendly and professional.

Leanne prides herself on having a team who treat the business like their own. A number of the team members have been with Goldline for many years. They know each client by name and take pleasure in welcoming new clients into the business.